Innovation for brewing... good!

in small batch
under pressure
for more
flavors & fun

We champion the unique concept of STOPLight brewing where the controls of Sanitation, Temperature, Oxygen, Pressure and Light are built in the process to make great beer and the use of resources such as water, energy, space and time are minimized.

STOPLight brewing ferments in small keg with our SPUNDit & FLÔTit under pressure and then serves cold, clear, well-carbonated beer directly from  it. The entire process is done in any kitchen using existing home appliances and the beer is ready to enjoy in 7 days – from grains to glass. It’s so simple, and yet very advanced, that anyone can do it.

We will soon host weekly OnZoom STOPLight Brew Along session. You can brew along with us in your own kitchen. It will be a lot of fun. And much needed in this pandemic.